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  • Hello and Welcome to Riding With Reason

    *STOP PRESS: I am now  located in Aiken, South Carolina 29801. Further details available on my contact page.*

    You may have heard it said that “there is a reason for everything” and that is so true – especially when dealing with horses. A reason that they misbehave, a reason that they develop bad habits, a reason that they won’t or can’t work to their full ability – whatever that may be.

    I have spent many years looking for that reason. Over time, I think that I have found my answer and, hopefully, a solution to the many issues that horses present to us.
    It is for that very reason that I have combined natural horsemanship handling with a classical style of riding and I am now a Level 3 Enlightened Equitation Teacher, accredited by international classical trainer and author, Heather Moffett.  Able to train the basics of the correct synchrony with the horse’s movement, the position and refined aids. Level 3 also covers the teaching of riders the art of lateral work , basic in hand work with greater emphasis on correcting the horse aswell as the rider and also training horses in lateral work and collection under saddle.  I am fully insured, first aid trained and ACRO Police Checked.

    I am also an agent for Heather Moffett’s range of Vogue soft-tree saddles.

    I would like to share the knowledge that I have gained over many years so that you can interact with your horse in a way that is fun and kind. Something that all horses, whatever their purpose, are surely looking for.

    Firstly, we must develop an understanding of their behaviour in the wild, in a herd and in domesticity. Then, if we wish to ride them, we must understand how they operate biomechanically. If we succeed in this understanding we have a very good chance of achieving a harmonious relationship and a kinder, more simplified way of riding – whatever level we are at.

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