Heather Moffett Saddles

Heather has, over time, developed a wide range of saddles that are designed for the comfort of the horse and rider. Allowing the rider to develop a soft and balanced seat and allow the horse to move without the restriction of a solid tree which can quite often restrict shoulder movement and create back problems.

The Vogue  Saddle range

With memory foam soft tree design and recessed stirrup bars that allow the rider’s leg to stay back, underneath the rider’s body, the Vogue  GP and Dressage range are the epitome of luxury for horse and rider.

Currently on offer:

Vogue Range Start at £1,499.00

  • The Vogue Dressage
  • Vogue GPT
  • Vogue GPS
  • Vogue Deluxe                                                                                                                                     

*UPDATE ON FLEXEE RANGE as of 17th January 2014*

FlexEE Dressage and VSD

Orders now been taken for the Leather FlexEE  and Synthetic FlexEE still available with NEW DESIGN:

New FlexEE Design incorporating removable gullet plate:

The Flexee range of saddles have a one piece leather tree which gives flexibility without the discomfort or rigidity of points of a conventional tree. This makes fitting so much easier. These saddles come in sizes of 15″, 16”, 17” and 18”. Dressage and VSD models. They now also come with an interchangeable gullet plate which allows it to be used on differing widths of horse with suitable shimming if needed. (Set of 5 width plates included with each saddle). They still have the removable shoulder shims that facilitate even better adaptability if the horse changes shape or is asymmetrical due to atrophy etc. But the gullet plate can be left out if the rider so wishes. Available in the finest English leather (black or brown).  Shoulder shims and Knee blocks are extra and sold separately. (For more details see Saddle Page on EE website)


Leather FlexEE Deluxe £799.00 INC vat + P&P*    Synthetic £425.00 Inc VAT + p&p

Please go to EnlightenedEquitation.com for more details but you may order your saddle or fitting session by contacting me direct.
Fitting sessions by arrangement. Deposit of 20% required on all confirmed saddle orders.

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